When Bryan Adams crooned this, little did he know that this would turn out to be an anthem for so many. True, 18 is a magical number. You are officially an adult in many countries. You can drink (in some), drive (not necessarily in that order) and even vote (in other mundane things). And of course, to those who belong to the clan of the brave, you my dear friend, can get married.  So, yes, we have clearly established that 18 years is a long wait, but it is definitely worthwhile.

So imagine crafting something over a period of 18 years. A blend that has worked the clock in oak cases. A rare mix that promises to be divine with every sip. What would you call it? An indulgence or a luxury? How would you bear testimony to it? Aged malt and grain whiskies unite to create Black Dog 18 Year Old Scotch Whisky. And when whisky connoisseurs say it is a fine pleasure that can’t be rushed, you have no option but to believe it.

I have been told that whisky is no lay man’s drink. It is meant for those who have developed a taste for the finer things in life. It is meant for those who savour every slice of life, at their own pace. They don’t rush, for they know the world can wait. As they relish the deep, golden mahogany with their eyes, the aroma of malt with a hint of Oloroso sherry enhances that rich velvety texture. The quixotic flavours with an impeccable balance of individual malt and grain whiskies cause a mild ruffle on the palette.  And then, the luxurious, smooth tones pay an ode to the 18 years that have made this blend immortal. Truly, 18 till I die.

Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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