Daddy says a perfect evening is the one where you can unwind with a glass of whisky and Frank Sinatra. Of course, Black Dog is the chosen one. And well, what is drink if there is no food to accompany it? And so I present to you, the top 5 accompaniments with Black Dog Whisky, recommended by Daddy. They are in no particular order, he says. Yet, I can swear he likes some better.

1. Nuts – Salted Cashew and Spicy Peanuts.

If ever there was a ‘nut-eating’ competition, Dad would win hands down. He can finish them in one go. He visits the kitchen for a glass of water, he can grab a few cashews. We’re just done with dinner, and still, he will find room for the peanuts. He says they are not only healthy but they add a super crunch to the drink.

2. Cheese

Yes, every vacation that we take, Daddy goes scouting for ‘offers’ on cheese. He could be termed as the ‘cheese-holic’ of the century. A slice of cheese provides nutrition for the day. And with whisky, he adds, it changes flavour like nothing you’ve tasted before. If you like your whisky strong, go for an equally strong cheese. He suggests pairing the cheese with the ingredients of your drink, so as to enhance the experience. He recommends Comte and Gruyere.

3. Dark chocolate cake

Oh, well, yes. We love sweets, and dark chocolate cake tops the list, as a family. Every celebration, chocolate cake and Black Dog are a given. And not just any dark chocolate cake! We have a dear lady we order in the cakes from and they are just divine. You are just going to have to take my word for it. Nothing is better than when bitter meets sweet.

4. Kebabs

Well, we had to come to the spice, didn’t we? Daddy and the boys love kebabs. And yes, as usual we have a particular place we pick them up from too. The kebabs are just spicy enough, well aided by mint chutney and onions. Oh yes, we are pretty desi, if you must know.

5. Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

I should be credited for this discovery. Well, not of the dish, per se, but the introduction of my favourite Chinese starters to the family. Stir fired chicken pieces sautéed in black bean sauce along with a tad bit of wine/sherry to go with it. The end result, succulent pieces that melt in your mouth and capture your senses.

So there you go. These are our family secrets. Now they are yours to experiment with. Do try them and let me know, which one do you love the best?


Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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