Whisky is good for the memories, daddy has told me that a zillion times. And I have come to agree. He and I have had some of the best conversations over a bottle of Black Dog Scotch. He enjoys his drink, I enjoy his company. But then you know how it is. Familiarity breeds contempt. So also a whole lot of whisky gives rise to empty glass bottles. Now, being the whimsical eco-friendly person that I am, I used to sell them, as I am sure most of you do, to the neighbourhood ‘paperwala’. However, one fine day, this paper-man moved to his village and I was left with the ‘loot’. Woe is me!

Now as someone who loves art and craft, I do indulge in the odd creating ‘best out of waste’ at times. However what was I to do with glass bottles? One look at the empty Black Dog Whisky bottle, and it reminded me of a time when it was full and occupied a place of pride in the bar. Sigh! How times change. I looked at the silhouette, a slender neck that gave way to a rounded body, the holder of the magic potion. The label, faithfully holding on to the ‘has been’ title. I almost felt sorry for it, but it stood proud and proper as always. That is when I decided, we were going to up-cycle.


Since then, Black Dog Whisky Bottles in my home have found multiple uses. Here are my top 5.

a)      Keep books between them and you have snazzy bookends.

b)      They almost double up as effective vases and/or pots for my plants, particularly creepers like money plant.

c)       During house parties, I fill them with fairy lights and voila, I have my very own stylish table lamp.

d)      I have got some of them cut at the neck and then stuck that to the base. That gives me a chalice shaped centerpiece. Personally gifted two of these to friends.

e)      Get off the label with warm water and soap. Use acrylic glass paints and colour them in multiple colours or geometric patterns. Keep them on the window sill to catch the sunlight. The tinted hues will bring a smile on your face.

For something that has taken years to mature, Black Dog Whisky sure packs in a punch. But greater still is the one that holds it, humbly, and yet remains an unsung hero. Be someone’s safe haven…….today.

Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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