“What do you think I am? Five?”

” Oh, give it a shot”, I said. “If it does not catch your imagination, you don’t have to continue”, I reasoned. “Besides, I just thought you could make the video since…

“There’s a video to be made?Why didn’t you mention that before?”

And that was how I conned (don’t let her read this) my 13-year-old to come aboard the #ColgateMagicalStories bandwagon.

“You did not tell me there was so much work involved”, she said with her headphones in place. She continued to cut as she listened to her music. Once all the characters were neatly laid on the floor, she decided it was time to show her artistic skills. So out came the art supplies along with a thermocol board.

“If I am going to do this, it might as well be the right way.”

I took my camera, ready to shoot. “Make me look pretty, mom.” I nodded. She winked. We were ready to go.

“Why do all fairy tales begin with ‘Once upon a time’?”

“Why does the prince always have to rescue the princess? I mean if I can take care of my teeth which FYI are the hardest part of the human body, I can take care of myself, no?”

“All witches are not bad. Give them a break, poor women.”

“What will a king and queen do with such a big castle?”

“I wish I had a pet dragon. That would be so cool.”

Her running commentary had me in splits. (That will explain the shaky camera movements at times.) Finally, she was done. And I was quite amazed at the end result. But the best was yet to come. She took the pictures and the videos and got to editing them. The final product is here on display. Did we have enough of royalty and their ilk? Well, I’d say maybe. What really stood out that afternoon was a delightful chat between us two. We created our own magical story. And someday, many years later, we will reminisce to this afternoon and the conversation we shared. About how little things go a long way, and how good habits make happy memories. And isn’t constructive parenting all about a string of such happy moments?

This is my #ColgateMagicalStories version. What’s yours?

And while you are at it, you’d like to check this video and perhaps craft a story of your own.



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